A Study on the Nuclear Structure through the Multipurpose Coincidence Measurement System Development (II) - Double ionization of the K-shell in $^{125}I$-

다목적 동시측정 장치 개발에 의한 원자핵 구조 연구 (II) - $^{125}I$ 붕괴시 K 각 이중 이온화 현상 -

  • Published : 1993.06.30


Double ionization of the K- shell accompanying K- shell electron capture of the 0.035 MeV transition of $^{125}I$ has been studied by counting coincidences between $K_{\alpha}$ hypersatellite X-rays and Ka satellite X-rays emitted when double vacancies are filled. The $^{125}I\;and\;^{125}Te^m$ source materials were used in the measurement. We obtained the coincidence spectrum using two NaI(T1) detectors and a Ge(Li) detector and TAC(Time-to-Amplitude Converter), and then analysed the measured coincidence number $N(K_{\alpha}^{II},\;K_{\alpha}^s)$, the total number $N(K_{\alpha})$ of K X-ray. The probability per K-shell electron capture that a double vacancy is formed, $P_{KK}$ is formed, $P_{KK}$ is found to be $2.15{\times}10^{-4}$.