A Study on the Nuclear Structure through the Multipurpose Coincidence Measurement System Development ( I ) - The Electromagnetic Properties of the Gamma Transitions in $^{75}As$-

다목적 동시측정 장치 개발에 의한 원자핵 구조 연구(I) - $^{75}As$의 감마 전이에 대한 전자기적 특성 -

  • Published : 1993.06.30


The gamma-gamma coincidence measurements and angular correlation measurement associated with the electron capture of $^{75}Se$ have been carried to understand the structure for the odd nuclei $^{75}As$ with two HPGe detectors. As a result, we could determined the band structure of 5/2 state to be of 1/2 [310] band which is based on $f_{5/2}$ proton state. Also we obtained the multipole admixture in the state of 279.5keV by using the mixing ratios of $121.1{\sim}279.5keV$ cascade. Subsequently, it is determined that 25.56% electric quadrupole transition is involved in the state of 279.5keV.