Theoretical Calculation on Alpha Track Density by Using an Electrostatic Ion Spectrometer

정전기분광분석방법에 의한 알파입자비적밀도의 이론적 계산연구

  • Published : 1993.06.30


To develop a technique of theoretical alpha track density calculation for comparison with measured track density, an electrostatic ion spectrometer was specially designed and fabricated. The mobility spectrum of first radon daughter(Po-218) in the range of $0.07{\sim}5.0cm^2/V\;s$ from the radon chamber was measured using-the electrostatic ion spectrometer. Measurement was taken in a radon chamber operated using dry particle free air passed through silica gel, activated charcoal and molecular sieve filters. The mobility of a new-born Po-218 ion measured by the electrostatic ion spectrometer was determined to be $1.92cm^2/V\;s$. A comparison of the theoretical and measured alpha track densities was completed and uncertainties concerning the shape of the spectrum were analyzed. It was found that the discrepancies in track densities are primarily Que to the neglect of wall loss of ions in the theoretical track density calculation.