Definition and Difference between Dose Equivalent and Equivalent Dose in Radiation Dose Measurement and Evaluation

방사선량의 측정, 평가에서 선량당량(dose equivalent)과 등가선량(equivalent dose)의 정의 및 차이

  • Published : 1993.06.30


In its recent recommendation No. 60(1990), ICRP has newly introduced several terminology which had not existed in its prior recommendation No. 26(1977). Of these, a newly defined quantity 'Equivalent Dose' replacing the 'Dose Equivalent' of the ICRU concept has been recommended to be adopted in the radiation protection programme. However, since the committee still uses the 'Dose Equivalent' and 'Equivalent Dose' in its several publications, it is likely to provoke unnecessary confusions and misuses in applying these two quantities. In this paper were described the definition and difference between these two quantities to help in understanding of these two quantitites among the person involved in the radiation protection activities.