Literatural study of the cause and mechanism of Eye Disease

眼病의 病因 病機에 對한 文獻的 考察

  • 강승원 (大田大學校 韓醫學科 外官科學敎室) ;
  • 노석선 (大田大學校 韓醫學科 外官科學敎室)
  • Published : 19921200


The cause and mechanism of eye diseases are follow in biblography. The etiological factor of eye diseases are nearly caused by heat. It is important to distinguish deficiency and substance. In external etiologic factors wind-fever is most of all in six exogenous factors. In internal etiologic factors xu(deficiency) of kidney, blood and fire of seven emotions are lots. In factors other than the internal and external, eating greasy food and hyper-caloric food are a lot of case. In relation with the yin-yang andxu-shi, ther are a lot of eye diseases symptom as dark-dizziness due to the yin-xu of hepatic-kidney. According to eight principles of differentiation of syndromes, syndromes of exterior, heat, shi, almost fall into the category of yang and syndromes of interior, cold, xu, nearly fall into the category of yin. In interior treatment, inducing wind and clearing heat, using Qi and tonifying blood, tonifying and suing of hepatic-kid ney are useful and often used treatment.