Analysis of Intellectual Structure of Subject Specialty through Author Co-citation

전문영역의 주제구조분석 - 저자공인용에 근거하여 -

  • Cho Myeung-Hee (Department of Library Science, Ewha Womens University)
  • 조명희 (이화여자대학교 도서관학과)
  • Published : 1992.06.01


This research presents author co-citation analysis of the subject area in the humanities - Korean history. Three approaches to multivariate analyses were used to display the inter-author relationships in the similarity matrix. Data on co-citation of sixty seven authors for the period of 1980­1989 were extracted from the database constructed by author. The author's name, here refers to a body of writings by a person, is the unit of analysis. The data were subjected to non-metric multidimensional scaling program create two-dimensional map of authors. Authors with similarity are clustered using hierarchical agglomerative procedure and it is found that five clusters in Korean history represent primarily research specializations. Author map of Korean history reveals the first dimension corresponding to subject orientation of authors and the second dimension corresponds to research method or research style. In factor analysis, each factor reflects research specialty made up of authors, and factor locadings demonstrate the breadth or concentration of sixty seven authors' scholarly contributions on Korean history. It is demonstrated that the· specific methodology employed by this research, author co-citation analysis, is useful to represent the intellectual structure of Korean history.