An Application of Landsat Image in Development of Hydrologic Planning Model(1)

수문계획모델에 있어서 Landsat 영상의 응용(1)

  • Received : 1991.12.17
  • Published : 1992.03.31


Landsat data are valuable in itself, and if they are classified in quantitative information and transformed to practical users, they will be more useful. In this view, it is very important to extract hydrologic parameter from Landsat data and to develope the hydrologic model that can be transformed to hydrologist to use it. This study is primary step for accomplishment of such purpose. This paper include output of hydrologic model which define the relation between soil condition and discharge and process of analysis of optical image or digital image that is adapted for hydrologic model. Finally, this paper present that Landsat image is very useful, economic and produce sufficiently accurate information for hydrologic model in large area watershed.



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