The development of prototype expert system for fault detection and action priority

고장원 탐색 및 조치의 우선 순위 결정을 위한 전문가 시스템의 구축

  • 강경식 ;
  • 나승훈 ;
  • 김병석 ;
  • 김태호
  • Published : 1992.12.01


The attraction of using expert system in operator support systems for modern plant is that it offers a way of dealing with the problem of information overload that can occur during a severe disturbance at a modern industrial plant. During such a disturance the volume of information presented to operators may be such that they are unable to decide quickly what is important and what is not. Therefore, arriving at a correct diagnosis of the initialling fault may be delayed. An expert system operator sup-port system is a means of focusing attention on what really matters and cutting out the rest. This paper presents the development of prototype expert system which detect the fault part, machine, system and decide action priority. This prototype expert system has 6 sub- system which is Interface Manager, Decision Maker, Inference Engine, Knowledge base, Simulatio, and D.P System ( Diagnosis and predictor)