Evaluation of Strength of Weld Bonding Specimen Considering Effects of Environments (In Case of Tensile Shear)

환경영향을 고려한 WELD BONDING 시험편의 강도평가(인장전단의 경우)

  • Lim, Ki-Chang ;
  • Kuen Ha, Shin ;
  • S.H. Lim
  • Published : 1992.09.01


Weld bonding can be applied as a combined method of spot welding and adhesive to have more advantages than those. Weld bonding has many merits that enlarge the fatigue strength of spot Welding and also improve the creep of adhesive. But it has not beer proved well in the various environmental conditions. In this study, weld bonding test for fatigue properties and tensile strength is presented under such various coditions as temperatures, humidity, and etc.