Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics of Rectangular Plates by Finite Element Method

유한요소법을 이용한 평판의 동특성 연구

  • 태순호 (서울산업대학) ;
  • 이태연 (서울산업대학) ;
  • 허문회 (충주공업전문대학)
  • Published : 1992.06.01


Analysis of Dynamic Characterisocs of Rectangular Plate by Finite Element Method. Dynamic characteristics of a rectangular plate with opening in it is studied by finite element method. To investigate these characteristics 12 degrees of freedom membrane finite element in used. The rectangular membrane finite elements are defined by specifying geometry, internal displacement functions and strain-displacement relations. Then, the governing equation for the finite element is derived by energy method. To derive the mass matrix and stiffness matrix of the element, expressions for strain and kineic energy in terms of the node displacement are generated. In constructing the overall structure matrix, the matrix of each elements are superposed and partitioned by applying the given boundary condition to obtain a nonslngular matrix. To find the natural freguencies and viration modes, the eigen values and the corresponding eigen vectors are computed by the computer using well known Jacobi power method. In order to verify the capability of the membrane finite element, a flat rectangular plate is analyzed first, and the result is compared with well known analytical results to show the good agreement. A rectangular plate with opening in It is analyzed with the same finite element. The results are presented in this paper. Unfortunately, the literature study could not provide with some results to compare, but the results reveal that the output of this research is phlslcally reasonable. And the results of this research are useful not only in practice but also for the future experimental research in comparison purpose.