A Study on the Free Surface Vortex in the Pipe System

배관내 자유수면에서 와류현상에 대한 연구

  • Published : 1992.09.01


During mid-loop operation of Nuclear Power Plant, to prevent the Decay Heat Removal System (DHRS) from failure due to air entrainment of free surface vortex in the piping system, a set of simulating experiments was performed. Through these experiments, a relation between the non-dimensionalized numbers, such as H/d, Froude number, Reynolds number, was found. It was also found that the perturbation of the system by the disturbance such as pump start, valve operation, etc., has a strong effect on the free surface vortex. Furthermore, from viewpoint of reactor safety, a modified inlet device which is reducer type is strongly recommended for the prevention of air entrainment into DHRS.