Measurements of Turbulent How in $5\times{5}$ PWR Rod Bundles With Spacer Grids

지지격자를 갖는 $5\times{5}$ PWR 봉다발에서의 난류유동 측정

  • Published : 1992.09.01


The study on the velocity distribution and the pressure drop characteristic of the nuclear fuel assembly is of importance for the thermal hydraulic design and safety analysis. The purpose of this experimental study is to investigate the hydraulic mixing behind the different kinds of spacer grids in the now or rod bundles. In this study, the detailed hydraulic characteristics in subchannels of 5$\times$5 PWR(Pressurized Water Reactor) rod bundles were measured using one-component He-Ne LDV(Laser Doppler Velocimeter). Measurements of the axial velocity, turbulent intensities and pressure drops were peformed Lateral velocity, turbulent intensities and Reynolds shear stress were also measured by adjust-ing LDV alignment. Friction factors in rod bundles and loss coefficients for spacer grids were evaluated from the measured pressure drops. Hydraulic mixing performance for different kinds of spacer grids could be investigated by estimating the turbulent cross-flow mixing rates between neighboring subchannels.