Prediction of Loop Seal Formation and Clearing During Small Break Loss of Coolant Accident

소형냉각재 상실사고시 루프밀봉 형성 및 제거에 대한 예측

  • Published : 1992.09.01


Behavior of loop seal formation and clearing during small break loss of coolant accident is investigated using the RELAP5/MOD 2 and /MOD3 codes with the test of SB-CL-18 of the LSIF (Large Scale Test Facility). The present study examines the thermal-hydraulic mechanisms responsible for early core uncovery including the manometric effect due to an asymmetric coolant holdup in the steam generator upflow and downflow side. The analysis with the RELAP5/MOD2 demonstrates the main phenomena occuring in the depressurization transient including the loop seal formation and clearing with sufficient accuracy. Nevertheless, several differences regarding the evolution of phenomena and their timing have been pointed out in かe base calculations. The RELAP5/MOD3 predicts overall phenomena, particularly the steam generator liquid holdup better than the RELAP5/MOD2. The nodalization study in the components of the steam generator U-tubes and the cross-over legs wiか the RELAP5/MOD3 results in good prediction of the loop seal clearing phenomena and their timing.