Drying Experiment of Borate Waste and Characteristics of Dried Products

붕산함유폐액의 건조와 건조물의 특성

  • Published : 1992.09.01


An experiment was conducted to determine the reaction of boric acid with lime and the drying of its product using a reactor-dryer. no characteristics of dried products were observed. The major chemical species of dried Products was calcium borate of 2CaO.B$_2$O$_3$. From the particle size distribution of the dried products, it was found that quick lime was better than slaked lime as an additive. The Ca/B mole ratio of reaction was determined to be 3/4 considering the cohesion and agglomeration properties of dried products. The flowability of dried products up to 8 wt% of water content was acceptable for transport process and to reduce drying time.