Two New Species of Genus Attheyella (Harpacticoida, Canthocamptidae) from Springs of Korea

샘에서 채집한 Attheyella 속의 하르팍티쿠스류 2신종

  • Chang, Cheon-Young (Department of Biolgy, College of Natural Sciences, Taegu University, Kyongsan-gun) ;
  • Kim, Hoon-Soo (Department of Molecular Biology, College of Natural Sciences, Seoul National University)
  • Published : 1992.10.01


Two new species belonging to the genus Attheyella of Canthocamptidae, collected from two springs each of Mt. Hambak and Mt. Halla of South Korea, are described under the name of Attheyella(Attheyella) paucisetosa and Attheyella(Mrazekiella) byblis, respectively.