A Taxonomic Study of Order Arcellinida(Protozoa : Sarcomastigophora : Rhizopoda) from Korea

한국산 유곡변형충목에 대한 분류학적 연구 I. (내질편모충문;근족충상강)

  • 정완호 (한국교원대학교 제 3 대학 생물교육과) ;
  • 강석본 (한국교원대학교 제 3 대학 생물교육과) ;
  • 최진복 (한국교원대학교 제 3 대학 생물교육과)
  • Published : 1992.06.01


The Arcelinida (Protozoa : Sarcomatigophora : Rhizopoda ) inhabited in Sphagnum at Taekwanryng, were taxonomically investigated. Collections of Sphagnum were made from September, 1990 to June, 1991 at swamp located in Taekwanryong. As a result of the present study, 5 species in two Families were identified, which were newly recorded from Korea ; Centropyxis platystoma Penard, Quandrulella symmetrica (Wallich), Hyalosphenia nobilis Cash and Hopkinson, Nebela equicalceus (Leidy), N. penardiana Deflandre. These five species were redescribed with photographs.