Taxonomical Review of Perineresis aibuhitensis Grube, 1878 (Nereidae ; Polychaeta) in Korea

두토막눈썹참갯지렁이(참갯지렁이과 : 갯지렁이강)에 대한 분류학적인 검토

  • 이재학 (한국해양연구소 해양생물연구실) ;
  • 제종길 (한국해양연구소 해양생물연구실) ;
  • 최진우 (한국해양연구소 해양생물연구실)
  • Published : 1992.06.01


A nereid worm , Perineresi aibuhitensis has been frequently mis-identified in Korea as P.vancaurica tetradentata or Neanthes virens due to the wide variation in the number and arrangement of paragnaths on its proboscis. In this paper we re-examined ca. 50 worms collected in three intertidal mud flats of the western coast of Korea, and identified them to be P.aibuhitensis , a new record in Korea. We also described the hteronereid of this species and its biogeographical range.