Numerical Analysis on the Wave Resistance for Development of Ship`s From of Tuna Purse Seiner

참치 선망어선의 선형개발을 위한 조파저항의 수치해석

  • 김인철
  • Published : 1992.06.01


The purpose of the present research is to develop an efficient numerical method for the calculation of potential flow and predict the wave-making resistance for the application to ship design of tuna purse seiner. The paper deals with the numerical calculation of potential flow around the series 60 with forward velocity by the new slender ship theory. This new slender ship theory is based on the asymptotic expression of the Kelvin-source, distributed over the small matrix at each transverse section so as to satisfy the approximate hull boundary condition due to the assumption of slender body. Some numerical results for series 60, C sub(b) =0.6, hull are presented in this paper. The wave pattern and wave resistance are computed at two Froude numbers, 0.267 and 0.304. These results are better than those of Michell's thin ship theory in comparison with measured results. However, it costs much time to compute not only wave resistance but also wave pattern over some range of Froude numbers. More improvements are strongly desired in the numerical procedure.