A Study on the behaviour of Cavitation erosion and lubricating Oils and the influence of Corrosion on Slide Bearing Metals for Internal combustion Engine

내연기관용 슬라이드 베어링재의 케비테이션 침식거동과 부식영향 및 윤할유의 거동에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1992.06.01


In this paper, the behaviour of cavitation erosion, influence of corrosion and corrosion control on slide bearing metals for internal combustion engine were investigated, and this experiment was done by the vibratory cavitation erosion tester. The main results obtained are as follows: 1. With decreasing the space between horn and specimen, the weight loss and its rate increased step by step. But the weight loss and its rate of 0.2mm space decreased conversely more than that of 0.4mm space at early stage. 2. The weight loss and its rate with change of pH were appeared to the order of pH2>pH12>pH7>pH4. And the weight loss and its rate at pH 4 decreased at best. 3. The weight loss and its rate by cavitation erosion for bearing metals were shown to the order of W.M7>W.M1>K.M4. 4. There appeared mainly small pit hole at pH2, and appeared the pit of netting thread type at pH12 by the results of the damaged surfaces at pH2 and pH12 environments that were sensitive to cavitation erosion. 5. With increasing the viscosity of lubricating oil, the weight loss rate by cavitation erosion became dull at the space below 0.5mm. 6. The protective efficiency of cavitation erosion-corrosion is superior inhibitor of chormate(25 ppm) to cathodic protection.