A Study on Minimum Time Position Control of DC Servo-Motor

DC Servo Motor의 최단시간 위치 제어

  • 양주호
  • Published : 1992.03.01


Analog PID controllers have been designed to make good use of position control in industries. Recently, the importance of digital position control is emphasized for the requirements of controller which are not only to control the objects but to include various aspects such as easiness of design and implementation, simple exchange of control program and convenient communications of data between various controllers and a host computer. This study proposes a combined control method which is mixed the vaiable structure control (VSC) with the PI control for minimum time position control of DC servo motor by microcomputer. The results of test by this method show offset-free and minimum time optimal position control which is not affected by the disturbance and the system parameter variations. The validity of the proposed method comparing with the conventional PID control is proved by the response experiments.