Speed Control of Induction Motor Systems by a Digital Redesign Method

디지털 재설계법에 의한 유도 전동기 시스템의 속도제어

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  • Published : 1992.03.01


The paper presents a digital speed control approach of induction motor systems by using a digital redesign method and adopting a well known 2nd order model as the system model equation. The basic concept using the modeling equation is induced from the control theory stand point such that we can describe usually the motor system connected by inverter, generator and load etc. just as a mechanical system to be controlled. The concept does not demand us the complicated vector-based modeling equation adopted in the traditional methods for the speed control of induction motor. The effectiveness of the servo control system composed by the above mentioned design concept is illustrated by the experimental results in the presence of step reference change and generator load variation. It is observed from the experimental results that the steady state error of the experimental set up becomes zero after some regulation time and the induction motor system is robust in spite of reference signal change and load variation of generator.