Relationship Among Body Fat Distribution, Adiposity, Fasting Serum Insulin and Lipids in Adult Female

성인 여성의 체지방의 분포형태와 비만도 혈청 인슐린, 지질농도간의 관련성

  • 김석영 (경상대학교 자연대학 식품영양학과)
  • Published : 1992.06.01


This study was intended to figure out the interrelationship among body fat distribution serum insulin and lipids levels. One hundred forty four adult female from Chinju area were participated in this study. The survey was conducted between December 17, 1990-February 27, 1991, . The results are as follows : Wiast/hip girth ratio(WHR) and waist/thigh girth ratio(WTR) were increased with age and positively correlated with body mass index(BMI). It appeared that the prevalence of obesity in terms of BMI was higher in upper body type than intermediate or lower body type women. Correlation analyese indicated that serum triglyceride level seemed to be more closely associated with BMI and other body fat distribution indices. Analyses of the anthropometric data serum lipids and insulin were carried out by dividing the sample into three body type groups-upper body type women(WHR$\geq$0, .87) intermediate body type women(0.82$\leq$WHR$\leq$0.86) and low body type women(WHR$\leq$0.81) Age weight BMI RBW percentage of body fat serum insulin triglyceride cholesterol level of upper body type women were significnatly higher than that of intermediate or lower body type women(p<0.05) HDL-cholesterol was significantly lower in upper body type women. These results suggested that body fat distribution would be relevant to chronic metabolic diseases.