Effects of Leaf Loading Quantity and Circulating Air Volume on the Physical and Chemical Characteristics during Curing in Flue-cured Tobacco Leaves.

열풍건조시 적입 및 송풍량에 따른 황색종 연초엽의 이화학성 변화

  • Published : 1992.05.01


This studies were carried out to investigate the effects of leaf loading quantity and circulating air volume during bulk curing on the variation of physical and chemical characteristics in flue-cured tobacco. The results are as follows : 1. The content of sugar in cured leaves was decreased with more circulating air volume and leaf loading quantity at bulk curing. 2. Total nitrogen and protein nitrogen were decreased with less circulating air volume and more leaf loading quantity, while amino nitrogen was increased. 3. The contents of linolenic acid and linoleic acid were increased with more leaf loading quantity and oxalic acid and citric acid had a tendency of being increased in case of high circulating air volume. 4. In general, major aromatic compounds were increased through flue-curing. Relatively high content of solanone in case of lower air volume and less leaf loading were observed, while megastig matrienone was increased when leaf loading was small. 5. The more circulation air volume with leaf loading quantity caused lowering equilibrium moisture content and higher shatter index, which resulted in poor quality of cured leaves based on quality index, nitrogen number, taste index phillips index, and sugar-nicotine ratio.