Isolation and Properties of Amino Acid Antimetabolite from Streptomyces sp. 182-27

Streptomyces sp. 182-27 균주가 생산하는 아미노산 대사길항물질의 정제와 특성

  • 박부길 (강원대학교 식품공학과)
  • Published : 1992.06.01


A Streptomyces strain No. 182-27, which produced amino acid antimetabolite, was isolated from soil. During the course of screening for new amino acid antimetabolites from the culture broths of Actinomycetes, we found that the strain produced a substance active against Gram-positive bacteria and its activity was reversed by L-Ieucine on the synthetic minimal agar medium in the culture broth. The morphological and cultural characteristics serve to identify the producing organism strain 182-27 as the Streptomyces, although the species of this strain should be resolved in further studies. Fermentation was carried out in the synthetic medium at $28^{\circ}C$ for 78 hours. The fermentation yield reached about 2 mg per liter of the broth. Purification was done by ion exchange resin, active carbon, silica gel column chromatography and obtained 20 mg of pure active substance from the 20 $\ell$ culture broth. The 182-27 substance was obtained as white powder, mp 18SoC. From the physicochemical characteristics of the substance, it was amino acid like substance but unknown about its chemical structure. It is active against some Gram-positive bacteria and reversed by L-Ieucine.


Antimetabolites;L-leucine antimetabolite;182-27 substance