Secular chang of density, litterfall, phytomass and primary productivity in mongolian oak(quercus mongolica)forest

신갈나무 숲의 林木密度, 落葉量, 植物量 및 1次 純生産量의 經年 變化

  • Published : 1992.02.01


The density, litterfall, phytomass, and primary productivity for 7 years in quercus mongolian forest locasted at mt. nambyengsan, pyeongchang-gun, gangwon provance in central part of korean peninsula were estimated quantitatively. at the first year in 1984, a stand had 1, 450 trees/ha in tree density, which was 0.67 of skewness and 0.54 of kurtosis in frequency distribution, however, at the 7th year in 1990, the stand had 1, 133 trees/ha in the density with 22%(or 316 tree/ha)in mortality, which was 1.16 of skewness and 1.89 of kurtosis in the frequency. annual mean litterfall was 5 ton DM/ha, which was composed of 68% of leaves, 17% of branches, 3% of bud scales, 9% of arcons and cups, 0.7% of flowers and others. the phytomass of tree layer for 7 years was gradually increased from 149.7 ton DM/ha at the first year to 188.5 ton DM/ha at the 7th year.annual net productivity for the tree layer studied ranged from 8.76 ton DM/ha.yr-1 to 11.62 ton DM/ha. yr-1 with heavy fluctuation year by year. average annual productivity of the stand of trunk, branches, leaves and roots for 7 years were 4.42, 0.67, 3.85 and 1.29 ton DM/ha.yr-1, respectively. turnover rate of the stand was 6.9% at the first year and 5.6% at the 7th year. such fluctuation of the productivity was caused by the chang of density, mortality, mortality and turnover rate.