A Study of Cookery of Meal in Youngjeob Dogam Euigwae of Choson Dynasty

조리면(調理面)에서 본 조선왕조(朝鮮王朝) 영접도감의궤(迎接都監儀軌)의 찬품(饌品)에 대한 고찰(考察)

  • 김상보 (대전보건전문대학 전통조리과) ;
  • 이성우 (한양대학교 가정대학 식품영양과)
  • Published : 1992.06.30


To analyze cookery of meal in reception dishes of Choson dynasty, studied historic book 'Youngjeob Dogam Euigwae' described feast dishes for Chinese envoy in Choson Dynasty. The results obtained from this study are as follows. Kinds of dishes served a meal generally were noodles(麵), bun stuffed with seasoned meat and vegetables(饅頭), steamed bread(床花), soup(湯), fried fish and meat(煎魚肉), dried fish and meat(切肉), minced raw meat(肉膾), slices of boiled meat(片肉), stew(蒸, 乾南), rice cake(餠), patterned savory cake(茶食), various fruits preserved in honey(正果), fried cake made of wheat flour, honey and oil(造果), fried glutinous rice cake(强精), rice gruel(粥), salted fish shrimp and etc, jerked meat(佐飯), meat fish and others broiled with seasoning(炙), cooked potherbs and potherbs(菜), pickled vegetables(沈菜), fruits(實果), soysauce mixed with vinegar and pinenut meal(醋醬), mustard(茶子), soybean sauce(民醬), honey(追淸), honey water(水正果, 正味子水) and etc.