A Survey of College Students Opinions on School Cafeteria in Seoul Area

서울지역 대학식당의 이용실태조사

  • Han, Myung-Joo (Department of Food and Nutrition, College of Home Economics, Kyung Hee University)
  • 한명주 (경희대학교 가정대학 식품영양학과)
  • Published : 1992.06.30


Seven hundred college students in Seoul area were surveyed to obtain the information about utilization on school cafeteria from September 11 to 18, 1991. The results of this study showed that 80% of college students were eating more than 1 to 2 meals per week at school cafeteria. The main reason for eating at school cafeteria was low meal price. The main reason for not eating at school cafeteria was tasteless meal. Male students were more satisfied price, appearance and nutrition of meal, and variety of side dishes than female students. Majority of college students were expected the improvement of taste and quality of meal, and choice of menu to school cafeteria.