Evaluation of Filter Media for Use in Alpha Measurement of Radon Progeny

라돈 자핵종의 알파 측정용 여과지 매질의 평가

  • Seo, Kyung-Won (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) ;
  • Knutson Earl O. (USDOE Environmental Measurements Laboratory)
  • Published : 1992.06.30


A study for the evaluation of selected filter media that need further characterization particularily in the context of alpha measurements of radon progeny has been carried out by investigating physical characteristics and using the alpha spectroscopy. Physical characteristics was investigated by electrostatic charging and mechanical strength of filters, and then pressure drop before and after sampling was tested. Alpha spectroscopy was used to analyze the energy spectra from the deposition of radon progeny into filters. The results of the assessment showed that the newer filter types do not have a great advantage over the 'old standard' Millipore type AA. But Metricel DM-800 is recommended for those situations where electrostatic charging is a problem. Also this method will be used more effective for the evaluation of new developing filters in future.