A Study on the Regeneration of Ni Catalyst for Hydrogenation(II)

수소첨가반응용 니켈 폐촉매의 활성재생에 관한 연구 (II)

  • Kim, Jung-Hun (Department of Chemical Technology, College of Engineering, Seoul National University) ;
  • Lee, Gun-Dae (Department of Surface Coating Engineering, Pusan National University of Technology) ;
  • Lee, Ho-In (Department of Chemical Technology, College of Engineering, Seoul National University)
  • 김정훈 (서울대학교 공과대학 공업화학과) ;
  • 이근대 (부산공업대학 도장공학과) ;
  • 이호인 (서울대학교 공과대학 공업화학과)
  • Received : 1991.01.11
  • Published : 1991.03.25


Regeneration of carbon-deposited Ni catalyst used for hydrogenation reaction was studied. Deposited carbon was removed by oxidation with various concentrations of oxygen. Activity of the catalysts was tested on aniline hydrogenation as a model reaction. When a carbon-deposited catalyst was treated under oxygen atmosphere, the specific surface area of the catalyst increased and then decreased with the increase of treatment temperature. The treatment temperature which gives maximum specific surface area increased with the decrease of oxygen concentration. Pore size of the support was decreased and sintering of nickel particles was more significant with the increase of oxygen concentration. The catalyst treated under 5 % oxygen concentration recovered its catalytic activity up to 90 % of the initial value, but the treatment under 20 % oxygen concentration gave no significant increase of the catalytic activity. Catalytic activity increased with treatment time when the catalyst was treated under 5 % oxygen concentration, but nearly constant after 1 hour.



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