Stereoselective Routes to Erythronolide A Seco Acid

Erythronolide A 개발(開發)의 광학선택적(光學選擇的)인 합성방법(合成方法)

  • Kim, Young-Gyu (Department of Biotechnology, Korea Explosives Group Research & Engineering Center)
  • 김영규 (한국화약종합연구소 생명공학연구부)
  • Received : 1991.03.15
  • Published : 1991.03.25


Stereoselective synthetic efforts for erythronolide A seco acid are reviewed from the first discovery of erythromycin A in 1952 up to the end of 1990. The synthetic strategies for construction of ten asymmetric centers embedded in an aglycone of erythramycin A have mostly been realized by the stereoselective preparation of the key fragments followed by coupling them. The synthetic methods employed for the key fragments can be classified into three categorie; a carbohydrate approach, a cyclic approach and an acyclic approach. The coupling has largely been reduced to practice by either aldol-type additions or Wittig olefinations of the key fragments.