Library and Information Science Education for Information Profession

정보전문직을 위한 도서관정보학 교육

  • 권은경 (계명전문대학 도서관과)
  • Published : 1991.12.01


Needs of our society for information professional have been changed continuously. The purpose of this paper is to study a direction of Library and information Science(LIS) education which can response properly the change. For this purpose, 1) the characteristics of information socitey, the demand to information profession, and the qualification required by the emerging job market of information professionals are examined. 2) the identity of LIS and its educational achievement for information professionals are considered. 3) Information Resources Management (IRM) which in some sense shares the common goal of effective information transfer with LIS is also considered. 4) the similarities and the differences between the two are discussed to seek their interrelationship and cooperation possibiity. While there are differences in focus and practice between LIS and IRM, interdisciplinary partnership between these two can enhance theory and practice of each other's area. Particulary, LIS school can take advantage for their students to penetrate the emerging job market as well-rounded information professionals.