Developement of Heavy Metal Adsorbent Utilising Natural Zeolite

천연(天然) Zeolite를 이용(利用)한 중금속(重金屬) 흡착제(吸着劑)의 개발(開發)

  • Published : 1991.06.30


This study was carried out to develop the low-priced adsorbent by synthesizing the zeolite of high CEC with the natural zeolite and examining the ability of this zeolite to adsorb heavy metals. The dominant clay minerals were clinoptilolite and mordenite in natural zeolite, while phillipsite in the synthesized zeolite. Adsorption reaction of Cu and Zn on clays were reached to equilibrium after 1 hr. The amount of adsorption was increased as the concentrations of heavy metals or the initial pH of suspension was increased. The synthesized zeolite adsorbed heavy metals about twice as much as the natural zeolite. The adsorption of heavy metals on the synthesized zeolite was less affected by the initial pH of suspension than that on natural zeolite. At cumulative adsorption, the synthesized zeolite adsorbed much more heavy metals at early three treatments than the natural zeolite did. The amount of desorption by chloride salts was increased as the concentration of chloride salts was increased. The ability of salt to desorb was in the order of NaCl>$CaC1_2$>$AlC1_3$. It is estimated that the ability of the synthesized zeolite to remove heavy metals was better than that of the natural zeolite.