Changes in the Contents of Some Organic Acids in The Hydrolysates of Decomposing Straws of Rice, Barley, Wheat and Rye

고간류(藁稈類)의 부숙과정중(腐熟過程中) 가수분해물중(加水分解物中)의 유기산(有機酸) 함량(含量) 변화(變化)

  • Published : 1991.12.30


Six low-molecular-weight organic acids from decomposing plant residues were analyzed, which were formic, acetic, succinic, malic, tartaric, and citric acids. Straws of rice, barley, wheat, and rye were put under acid- hydrolysis after decomposition for different periods of time. The contents of organic acids in the hydrolysates were determined. 1. The relative molarity of a low-molecular-weight organic acid varies with the passage of the time of decomposition. 2. In general, formic and acetic acids were the major low-molecular-weight organic acids in all samples. 3. Malic acid was found to be only in a trace amount in rice and barley straws, and in their decomposed residues. 4. The relative molarities of total monocarboxylic acids(formic and acetic) increased with the progressing time of decomposition, far exceeding those of dicarboxylic and tricarboxylic acids combined together. 5. Formic and acetic acids were compensatory for each other and they were supposed to persist for a long time in soil environment.