Development of Organic Fertilizer based on the Cow Dung III. Studies on Tentative Guideline for Degree of Maturity

우분(牛糞)의 유기질비료화(有機質肥料化) 연구 III. 부숙도(腐熟度) 기준설정(基準設定)

  • Published : 1991.12.30


This study was conducted to manufacture a good qualified organic fertilizer with cow dung through rapid composting process, and the proposal guideline of the degree of maturity could be estimated with the measurement of final product. It included total nitrogen content of above 2% on an oven-dry material basis, C/N ratio of below 20, CEC of more than about 60 me/100g, ratio of carbon in reducing sugar to the total carbon of below 35%, and temperature in pile of above $60^{\circ}C$. The total nitrogen content, the C/N ratio, and the Paper Chromatographic method couldn't be the guideline to evalute the maturity of cow dung compost. CEC was increased in increased fermentation and it was high in the high fermented temperature plots which were cow dung+ shredded bark in 1988, cow+dung+wood chips in 1989, and cow dung+rice straws in 1990. The ratio of carbon in reducing sugar to total carbon in 1990 was lower in cow dung+saw dust than cow dung+rice straws that was the highest temperature in pile. Generally cow dung was mixed well with saw dust and thus the total carbon of the product was high. The measurement of the temperature in pile seems to be a indirect guideline of maturity.