Changes of the Boron Fraction in Soil by the Boron Application

붕소시용(硼素施用)이 토양붕소(土壤硼素)의 형태별(形態別) 함량변화(含量變化)에 미치는 영향(影響)

  • Published : 1991.12.30


To investigate changes of boron fractions in soil with vegetable cultivation affected by boron application Jossangmiho, chinese cabbage was planted in 1/2.000a pot with four different soils which are sandy loam, calcareous, organic and vinyl house soil. Increment of available boron in soil with different boron applications was in the order of vinyl hous soil>organic soil>sandy soil>calcareous soil. The ratio of boron fraction to total boron is highest in $NH_4$-oxalate ext.-B with 19.1 % and lowest in water sol.-B and $CaCl_2$ ext.-B with 0.7% respectively. The boron fraction increment due to the different application ratio was in the order of $NH_4-oxalate$ ext.-B>Mannitol exch.-B> $CaCl_2$ ext.-B> $NH_2OH{\cdpt}HCl$ ext.-B>Water soil.-B. As the concentration of calcium in soil increased. water sol.-B decreased and the other forms of boron increased. In the soil high in organic matter, water sol.-B and $NH_4$-oxalate ext.-B increased significantly. but the other forms of boron not.