Study on the Method of Phosphorus Fertilizer Application for Tomato in Phosphorus Accumulated Soil

인산축적지(燐酸蓄積地)에서 토마토에 대(對)한 인산시비방법(燐酸施肥方法) 구명(究明)

  • Published : 1991.12.30


To investigate the proper fertilization position in the soil accumulated with phosphorus and salt, tomato, Seo-Kwang, was planted on the bottomless pot, 45cm diameter 30cm length, filled with three different soils ranged 567 to 1,140 ppm of available phosphorus (0.45~3.69 mmhos/cm in electrical conductivity). Fertilizer phosphorus was treated at three different sites of side 0~5,6~10, 11~15cm and three different sites of depth; 0~5, 6~10, 11~15cm, The results are follows; Fertilizer use efficiency (FUE) of phosphrous of tomato was decreased as avilable phosphorus in soil increased. Highest FOE of phosphorus was showed at band application of feliilizer phosphorus at 0~5cm side and 11~15cm depth in the soil contain ing 567ppm of available phosphorus, and 6~10cm side and 0~5cm depth in the soils containing 942 and 1,140ppm of phosphorus. At 45 days after planting tomato root was highly distribued to 0~5cm side and depth respectively in low salt soil (0.45mmhos/cm), 11~15cm depth in 2.61mmhos/cm soil and 6~10cm depth in 3.69mmhos/cm. The fertilizer use efficiency of phosphorus of tomato plant war negatively significantly correlated with soil EC and phosphate concentration at 45 days after planting. The fertilizer use efficiency of phosphorus was more highly correlated with available phosphorus than electrical conductivity in soil.