Analysis of Acoustic Back Scattering from Bubble Columns in Water

수중 기포기둥에 의한 음파의 후방 산란특성 분석

  • 박광준 (성균관대학교 음향학연구실) ;
  • 윤석왕 (성균관대학교 음향학연구실) ;
  • Published : 1991.04.01


Acoustic backscattering from a buble column in water was studied theoretically and experimentally. For theoretical analysis a general scattering theory was used by assuming the bubble column to be lumped element scatterer which can be characterized by its shape, void fraction and dimensions. When the void fraction is less than 1% and the incident frequency is higher than individual bubble resonance frequencies, the experimental results show that the acoustic backscattering from a bubble column depends mainly on the void fraction rather than the individual bubble sizes. It was also theoretically and experimentally observed that the acoustic backscattering levels were increased and their peaks moved to the lower frequency regin by raising the void fraction of bubble column.