Flammability and Released Toxic Halogen Gases during Combustion of Flame-Retardant Flexible Polyurethane Foam

난연 연질 폴리우레탄 반도체의 난연성과 연소시 발생되는 유독성 할로겐 기체 검출에 관한 연구

  • 전종한 (한국산업안전공단 교육원)
  • Published : 1991.03.01


Flammability, and released toxic halogen gases during combustion about two kinds of flame-retardant flexible foam(F.R. flexible PV foam) were investigated. One of the above was F.R. flexible PU foam with the containment of halogen and the other was manufactured with pure flexible PU foam in aqueous solution of alumina trihydrate(ATH) and dried 4 hours at 10$0^{\circ}C$. Flammability by L.O.I and UL94 HF-1 of the two materials were similarly shown. And combustion gases were analyzed with GC-Mass. HCI, CI$_2$ and HF were detected at both halogen being contained F.R. flexible PU foam and ATH dolng one The reason, to find halogen gases from burning ATH-containing F, R. flexible PU foam which wasn't used for any halogenated F.R., could be considered as by using trichlorofluoromethane with blowing agent to make PU foam. The relative quanity of relesed halogen gases of F.R. flexible PU foam with the containment of halogen had been indicated tree times HCI and CI$_2$, two times HF than ATH containing, respectively.