Applicability of Domestic Bentonite as a Buffer Material of Spent Fuel Repository

사용후핵연료 처분장 완충재로서 국산벤토나이트의 활용성

  • Published : 1991.12.01


Four domestic bentonite samples collected from the south-eastern area of Korea were identified as Ca-bentonite by analysing XRD-patterns and chemical compositions. By comparing the surface area, CEC and the swelling rate of these samples, Dong-Hae A was selected as a suitable sample for the investigation of distribution coefficients. Sorption equilibrium of Cs, Co and Am was reached in around 10 days, but that of Sr was found to be much earlier. From the measured distribution coefficients, the domestic bentonite was found to have high sorption capacity. In the effect of varying concentration on the distribution coefficient, the values of radionuclides peaked at about 10$^{-7}$ mo1/$\ell$ of concentration.