Analytic Prediction of Friction Factors for Turbulent Flow in Longitudinally Finned Rod Bundles

길이 방향 핀이 달린 봉 다발에서의 난류 마찰계수 산출을 위한 해석적 방법

  • Published : 1991.12.01


This work is concerned with the development of an analytical model to predict the friction in longitudinally finned rod bundles. Such bundles are currently considered in KMRR design. The present model assumes the validity of the Law of the Wall over entire flow area. The flow channel area is divided into the interfin region and a number of element channels, and the algebraic form of the Law of the Wall is integrated over each element channel and interfin region to yield an analytic expression for the pressure drop. The model reasonably predicts the 6 fin KMRR data, and overpredicts the 8 fin data about 15 percent.