Optimized Magnetic Shielding for the MagLev Vechicles

자기부상열차의 최적 자기 차폐

  • Published : 1991.09.01


Magnetic leakage flux which is generated from the levitation magnets, linear induction motors, and guide magnets of a MagLev(Magnetic Levitation) system is directly related to inter - system EMI, intra - system EMI, and biological effects. In this paper, the magnetic leakage flux from MagLev vechicles designed by Korea Resarch Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering was calculated considering the various parameters which influence ma- gnetic field intensity around the MagLev system. Based on the calculated field intensity, the thickness of shielding material and shielding position for MagLev floor and side walls are calculated, taking into account the shielding effectiveness of a shield with minimum weight. For the nonuniform shielding method derived from the above procedure, the weight of a shield con- sisting of floor and side walls shielding can be reduced to more 50% than uniform shielding method.