Biochemical Characteristics of Spodoptera exigua Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus

파밤나방 핵다각체병 바이러스의 생화학적 특성

  • Published : 1991.06.01


Biochemical characteristics of Spodoptera uigua nuclear polyhedrosis virus (SeNPV) isolated in Jinju were studied. SeNPV contained a number of nucleocapsids within a viral envelope embeded in polyhedra. The polyhedral protein of SeNPV was composed of a single polypeptide with a M. W. of 30kd. Double-immunodiffusion test showed that the polyhedral protein of SeNPV had common antigenic determinants with SINPV and BmNPV. Virion proteins of SeNPV were resolved into 49 polypeptides by silver staining after SDS-PAGE. The approximate genome size of SeNPV by restriction endonuclease analysis was 1l0kb.