Occurrence of Bug Species around Paddy Field and Peckey Rice

수도 포장주변에 발생하는 노린재류와 반점미 발생

  • Published : 1991.03.01


This study was carried out to investigate the occurrence of bug species around bank and paddy field and its peckey rice in four different districts of Kyonggi Area, and then to observe the distribution of bug species causing pee key rice. The results obtained were as follows; Thirty one bug species were collected around bank and its dominant species were Eyarcoris parvus, Nabis stenoferus, Stictopleurus crassicornis and each constituted 35.9, 20.2, 6.5 %, respectively. On the other hand, 11 bug species in paddy field were identified and the dominant species among them were Nabis stenoferus, Adelphocoris triannulatus, Eyarcoris parvus. Pee key rice induced by the infestation of bug species was 34.7% in Eyarcoris parvus and 2.7% in Aeschynteles maculatus. The occurrence of pecked rice injured by bugs was severe on milk ripe stage through heading stage to yellow ripe stage of rice growth period. Peckey rice among rice varieties was higher in Sobaekbyeo, extremely early mature variety, and Taebaegbyeo, early mature variety. The occurrence of peckey rice was higher in mountainous area such as Pocheon culturing early mature rice varieties.