Development of Hydraulic Jet Dredge ( 2 ) - Field Experiment of Hydraulic Jet Dredge for Catching Surf Clam -

분사식 행망의 개발에 관한 연구 ( 2 ) - 분사식 개량조개 시험행망의 현장실험 -

  • 고관서
  • Published : 1991.12.01


To catch the surf clam, Mactra chinensis, in sand bottom using the excavating performance of water jet, the authors had constructed the experimental hydraulic jet dredge by the result of water tank experiment of previous report, and also were carried out the field experiments in the surf clam fishing ground near Kunsan, Korea from 5th to 30th of October, 1990. The results obtained are as follows. 1) Excavating depth was more than 10~11cm at the 1500cm/s water-jet velocity in the fine sand and muddy sand. 2) Towing tention was only 105$\pm$5kg in the 6.7cm/s towing speed. 3) Average catch amount per unit towing area was 0.42kg/m super(2) and it was 1.2~1.6 times comparing on the conventional dredge. 4) Experimental hydraulic jet dredge did not nearly brake the surf clam. 5) Turbidity variation by the water jet of dredge was not serious in the fishing ground; On the surface, when the depth is more than 5.2m, turbidity variation was not found at all, and on the 3m layer above the bottom, turbidity variations was increased 9~11ppm at 1m backward from the dredge, but it was gradually decrease, and it was nearly not at 9m backward from the dredge.