Studies on the Mackerel Pures Seine Operating in the Sea Area of Cheju Island - 4 . The Characteristics of Catch and Ability in Purse Seine -

제주도 주변해역 고등어 건착망의 연구 - 4 . 어획량의 특성과 어구의 성능 -

  • 박정식
  • Published : 1991.12.01


Mackerel purse seine fishery is one of the most important fisheries in Korea and its annual mean catch from 1982 to 1988 is 350 thousand tons. Between 1982 and 1988, the characteristics of catch at 5 sectors of the sea area was analyzed according to operating sea block and the catch by fishes based on the data obtained from daily report of fishing condition that had been made out by 48 Korean fishing boats engaged in the fishery of purse seine. In these 5 sectors of the sea area, catch per net hauling in the coastal area of Cheju Island is less than that in the other sectors. Accordingly, the shape of fishing gear during operation has been measured to analyzed the deformation of net shape caused by the bottom current. (The lunar calender is used in the paper) The results obtained are as follows; The average CPUE of purse seines is 31.6 tons and it is higher from October to April than that from May to September. In the 5 purse seine fishing grounds, the ratio of net haul in the coastal sea area of cheju Island is 42.4% and it is the highest level, but the CPUE is 25.7 tons which is relatively low level. Each CPUE in the sea areas is significant differences with 1% level. Index of seasonal variation of mackerel CPUE from May to October is lower than the standard value, whereas index from November to January is higher. The diameter of circle by net shooting becomes shorter to the minimum caused by the bottom current during loose set, becomes narrower and the efficiency of fish encirclement becomes lower. The shape of leadline by bottom current becomes long oval type along with current direction in the tight set, while it becomes long oval type in the direction of a right angle to the current direction and the enclosed area is reduced hurriedly, and the deformation of net is most serious in the loose set.