A Study on the Evaporation and Ignition of Single Fish Oil Droplet

단일액적 어유의 증발과 착화에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1991.03.01


In this paper, to percuss whether fish oil can substitute for marine fuel oil, the characteristics on the evaporation and ignition of 3 fish oils, Sardine oil, File fish oil and Alaska pollac oil, were investigated experimentally by suspending single fish oil droplel in hot atmosphere, and experiments on methanol and light oil were also carried out to compare the characteristics. The results abtained are summarized as follow; 1) Evaporation and ignition phenomena on the methanol and light oil by the present experimental method agreeded with the results of the earlier investigation. 2) The characteristic on evaporation and ignition of all 3 fish oils took the same pattern; in late stage of evaporation at atmospheric Temperature 55$0^{\circ}C$ droplet rapidly expanded and contracted, and then remained solid corbide, but in case of $650^{\circ}C$ rapidly expanded and ignitied, and then completly burned non-remained solid carbide. 3) As fish oil mixed with light oil (50% weight), in beginning stage of evaporation droplet depended on the characteristics of light oil, but in end stage depended on fish oil. 4) Ignition temperature of fish oil droplets was about 47$0^{\circ}C$, higher than about 25$0^{\circ}C$ of light oil, but atmospheric temperature to ignite droplet was about $650^{\circ}C$, lower than about 75$0^{\circ}C$ of light oil.