The Effect of Media Feeding Rate on the Production of Monoclonal Antibody Production in the Fed-batch Culture of Hybridoma

하이브리도마 세포의 유가식 배양에서 배지첨가속도가 단일클론 항체 생산에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1991.06.01


The effect of media feeding rate on cell growth and monoclonal antibody production in the fed-batch culture ot hybridoma A4W was studied. In the batch culture, the highest specific antibody production rate was observed at the begining of the culture period but its value tended to decrease rapidly with the culture time. The final antibody concentration and volumetric productivity was 65 $\mu g$/ml and 13 mg Mab/l/day, respectively. In the fed-batch culture, the specific antibody production rate, $q_p$ rebounded sharply within a few hours after the media feeding was started and it remained high until the end of culture if the media feeding was continued. The final antibody concentration was 220 $\mu g$/ml and the volumetric productivity was 45.1 mg/l/day. Further increase in final antibody concentration was achieved by applying a modified media of which component was fortified with glucose and glutamine, hence the final antibody concentration in this case was 270 $\mu g$/ml and the volumetric productivity was 51.8 mg/lday, which is as four tinlcs as high cuixparinf! to that of batch culture.