Biopharmaceutical Studies of 1,2-Ethanediolester and 1,4- Butanediolester of Flurbiprofen

플루비푸로펜의 1,2-에탄디올에스테르와 1,4-부탄디올에스테르의 생물 약제학적 연구

  • 노재일 (경동제약(주) 중앙연구소) ;
  • 이완하 (성균관대학교 약학대학)
  • Published : 1991.06.20


Prodrugs of flurbiprofen, 1,2-ethanediolester(FE) and 1,4-butanediolester(FB) were prepared and their biopharmaceutical studies were performed. The prodrugs showed high stability in simulated gastric fluid, simulated intestinal fluid and pancreatin-saturated solution. Pharmacokinetic parameters of the prodrugs were similar to those of their parent drug. However they showed less acute toxicity and gastric irritation and higher anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.