Investigation of Foodservice in some social welfare facilities in Seoul

사회 복지 시설의 급식관리 실태조사

  • 박길동 (한국식품연구소 식생활개선부) ;
  • 계승희 (한국식품연구소 식생활개선부) ;
  • 정은영 (한국식품연구소 식생활개선부)
  • Published : 1991.12.30


The following study was done to investigate foodservice management practice. Total subjects were 18 foodservices in social welfare facilities in Seoul. Among studied facilities, nine were the welfare facilities for children, five were the welfare facilities for elderly, two were the welfare facilities for a mentally and physically disabled person and the remaining two were vagabond care facilities. Methods used were mainly questionaires. These questionaires were answered by manager and interviews were also done for a same person. Equipments were evaluated by investigators using the evaluation form. The results of the study were summarized as follows. Number of cooks and assistant cooks among employee in foodservice establishment were about 2-6 persons. One dietitian is stationed in 2 places among 18 places. Food purchasing and menu plannings were mainly practiced by manager, secretary and other personnels, in more than 50% of social welfare facilities. The type of the menu in most facilities was the set menu. The period of turn over for cycle menu was a week in 50% of facilities. Seventy seven point eight percentage of the welfare facilities were used the weekly or monthly cycle. For the food preparation, there was almost no place using standard recipes. Foodstuffs were purchased in local market. Moreover, the preference test of served foods were done for residence of each facilities. But it was not applicated effectively. Conditions of most equipments in the kitchen were defective specially in dishwashing and sterilization step.