A Study on the Cooking and Processing Methods Presented in CHE MIN YO SUL -Jangs-

제민요술(濟民要術)에 수록된 식품조리 가공법 연구 (III) -장(醬)-

  • Published : 1991.06.30


This is a study about Jangs presented in the Cheminyosul. Scattered yeast and purified salts are used as ingredients of Jangs. Hwangeui, Hwangjeung and Eol are scattered yeast, and Sangmanyom, Hwayom and Inyom are purified salts. According to their main ingredient, Jang can be classified Kokjang, Yukjang and Eojang. Kokjang was made from soybean and/or wheat, Yukjang made from meat, and Eojang made from fish and crustacea. Eojang is similar to Korean fish sauce, Jeot. Three kinds of Kokjang, four kinds of Yukjang and seven kinds of Eojang are described in the Cheminyosul. Generally, Jangs were fermented and ripened for one day to one hundred days. Also, most of Jangs were made in cold season except Keonjeeojang and Janghae.